Welcome to THE EXPAT HELPDESK. Set up in response to feedback and enquiries from expats, here ‘Our Partners’ present a range of products and services that cater for your life abroad.

Whilst residing outside your country of origin can offer new opportunities and an improved lifestyle, it also often presents various challenges simply because things are done differently where you now live; or you may just want access to resources that you can’t find locally.








The Expat Survey is a research programme dedicated to understanding the lives of expatriates and what is and isn’t relevant to you as an individual in your daily life. Our partners all service expatriates and are committed to understanding how best to serve you, which is why they are involved in the programme.

They would like to know what help you need, advice you require, what products and services are relevant and how to effectively communicate with you; so that they can supply and service your requirements efficiently, help you solve problems and generally make your life easier.

We hope that one or more of the service providers displayed is able to help you. If you can’t see one that relates to the nature of your enquiry please check back on a regular basis, because our team is in discussions with more potential partners that would like to participate in providing support to the existing helpdesk services.