27 Jan

Vote for EasyExpat.com as best expat website

You are expatriate, or you are planning to move abroad ; or you recently come back and have the occasion to share your experience. EasyExpat.com has helped expatriates for more than 10 years and this is now an opportunity to vote for your favorite expat website and win great prizes!

How to vote?

In order to vote, you just need to fill the short expat survey. At the end, question 71, don’t forget to put EasyExpat.com as your BEST expat website:

71. BEST Expat Website, my nomination is….


What can I get?

The Expat Survey programme offers great prizes to be won when you complete their questionnaires

  • £1,000 CASH (for you or a charity of your choice)

What is the survey?

Expat Survey 2015For some the decision to move has been a lifestyle change, for others there has been no choice. For many the best decision they ever made, for others an unforeseen disaster. With more than 230 million expatriates worldwide, the dynamics of migration and integration into new habitats and cultures have never been more complex.

Why did you make the big decision to relocate? Is life in your adopted home all that you expected? How do you now communicate with friends and family around the world?

Those are some questions that an independent international research study is asking. By answering the quick survey you will help to understand migratory patterns and causes; and gain a true understanding of expatriate life across all nationalities and territories…

The Expat Survey programme has been launched to gain much better insight into the needs of those living outside their country of origin and to specifically understand what is relevant and helpful to expatriates within each country and what isn’t. Whilst there are questions that simply require tick boxes to be completed, the programme breaks away from convention and asks optional questions about your relocation experience, whether or not expectations have been fulfilled, what expats miss about home; and requests tips and advice for others contemplating a move to a new continent.

Reaching an audience of more than 10 million, this research programme is the largest of its kind ever undertaken. Almost 200 off and online media owners from around the world have united behind ‘The Expat Survey’ to publicise it; and several companies specialising in servicing expatriates have committed as collaborative partners to promote it.

Rest assured your information remains confidential. The Expat survey will only analyse the findings to help companies better engage with their audience.

>>> Click HERE to complete the research programme and VOTE!

At the end of this survey and the two surveys that follow, you will find the special feature ‘The Expat Survey Consumer Awards’.

13 Jan

Vote for Just Landed as “BEST Expat Website”

Ever wanted to express just how grateful you are to the Just Landed teamfor all the hard work and dedication they’ve shown over the years in helping you and other expats all over the world?

 Well, now’s your chance!

Wow! How can I vote?

Don’t worry – it’s simple! All you have to do is fill in a survey all about your life as an expat (no difficult questions, we promise!) and at the end, don’t forget to select Just Landed as “BEST expat website”.

What’s in it for me?

Good question. There are numerous prize draws of £1,000 in cash for you (or if you’re feeling flush and particularly philanthropic, you can even select to give to a charity of your choice), £50 Amazon vouchers and £25 Lebara SIM cardsare also up for grabs.

What happens to the information?

The information will be used by The Expat Survey (consultants on business and media strategy).

Fear not as the data is not sold or disclosed. They analyse the findings to help companies better engage with their audience – so you can do your “one good deed” for the day without even having to leave the house.

The research programme is live right now, so click here to vote