28 Jan

Last November we told you about an interesting new global study by London-based Max Media International in our AVA blog “New Survey Says Most Expats Will Remain Expats.” Well, the study rolls on and is continuing to produce interesting insights about living life abroad.

Based on over 5,000 responses from expats in 110 countries, the “Migration and Lifestyle” study is the first in a series of three surveys that will be conducted annually. “Retail and Finance” and “Travel and Health” studies are still live on the company’s website for expat participation.

Max Media tells us that it is still not too late to get involved in what they call the largest international research study of those living outside their country of origin. But hurry, the study closes on February 1, 2014.

“The purpose of launching these annual expat surveys is to get detailed insights from those outside their country of origin,” Managing Director Stuart Smith told us recently. “Our initial survey examined where expats live and are moving, why they are expats, when they became expats and their lives now in their new communities. The survey takes about 20 minutes, but we have had respondents take up to 50 minutes to tell us about what they like and dislike about their adopted homes. Apparently, many had strong opinions on that subject.”

Max Media also wants to know: What motivates expat relocation in different parts of the world? What challenges do expats face? What do expats expect from those that provide them with services? How do expats communicate and what do they respond to?

Each questionnaire has been designed to not only gauge expat views on popular lifestyle and consumer topics, but also invites expats to share their experiences abroad.

So far, the study has revealed that 70 percent of expats say they intend to remain living outside their country of origin, suggesting that most expats will remain expats. An additional 22 percent say they are considering moving to another country. And, 72 percent of expats transfer their money via their banks.

We’ll be interviewing Project Director Emma Wood in February when all the juicy details are revealed. Stay tuned. www.theexpatsurvey.com