12 Aug

Biggest-ever expat opinion poll launched

Expats around the world are being asked to share their views and give advice for others contemplating following in their footsteps.

It’s hoped that up to 10,000 expats across the world will participate in what has been billed as the largest survey of their views ever undertaken.
The results will be shared with companies around the world – from home movers to insurers, and from schools to funeral companies – to give them a better idea of the customers they serve.

Expats will be asked if their move overseas fulfilled their expectations, and what they miss most from home. They’ll also be asked to share tips and advice for others contemplating a move.

The online survey will be done in three stages, covering the topics of migration and lifestyle, retail and finance and travel and health. Those who complete all three surveys will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win £1,000.

According to a press release issued by Max Media international, which is promoting the project: “The expat survey is the largest independent research study ever undertaken on migration and expatriate life.”

The release added: “It does not share any information with third parties and has no links to governments whatsoever. It is entirely independent and promoted, but not sponsored, by almost 100 publishers and reputable companies servicing expatriates around the world, such as the international accountancy firm Chantrey Vellacott DFK and the specialist expatriate insurance company Clements Worldwide.”

Emma Wood, business development director at Max Media international, said: “The dynamics of migration and the logistics of catering for the needs of expatriates are complex. It is often the case that wannabe expatriates envisage relocation will be easy, and often it isn’t.”

According to Wood: “The survey is not conventional, in so much that it isn’t page upon page of tick boxes, but it contains questions which ask the expat for their real experiences and tips and advice for others contemplating a move.


“We also ask which organisations they found most helpful so that those pulling out the stops for expats when they find themselves in a difficult position receive recognition in an information centre we shall be launching next year.”

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