12 Jun

Clements Worldwide Press Release

Clements Worldwide, one of the collaborative partners in The Expat Survey 2013 have released a statement following the circulation of the highlights taken from the study.

Expats find that adjusting to life and work abroad can be a seamless experience and easily managed with the right tools

June 12, 2014 (Washington D.C., USA) – Clements Worldwide, the leading provider of international insurance solutions, today released the findings of the Expat Survey 2013, in collaboration with i-World Research, a research consultancy with over 20 years of experience in expatriate communications and media.
Supported by Clements, the Expat Survey 2013 results include responses from expatriates from 128 countries, many of whom reported surprising insights about life abroad. Issues like understanding a new tax system, finding the right school for children and learning a new language are now considered much more easily surmountable with the right tools and advice.

For example, 63 percent of respondents found that organizing finances when abroad was an easy task, and 61 percent also considered securing healthcare insurance easy when first moving out of their home country. Similarly, 75 percent reported that they felt happy in their new country, while only 12 percent felt that their expectations had not been met.

Notably, the majority of expats reported that financial planning and insurance protection is something they consider an afterthought, choosing to arrange these plans after landing in their new destination. In this instance, 55 percent reported securing health insurance after they moved and 64 percent indicated that they chose insurance protection for their assets and property after arrival. However, expats may still be more suited to making these decisions prior to departure, to ensure that they are able to select a comprehensive international insurance policy that offers the maximum level of protection.

Sergio Sanchez, Chief Marketing Officer at Clements, said: “The results of the Expat Survey 2013 clearly indicate that moving abroad is no longer a challenging or difficult experience but is a process that expats can find enjoyable and relatively straightforward. As global insurance experts, we have worked with expat clients every day for over 65 years to provide them with financial protection and peace of mind. This ensures that their experience moving and living abroad is as hassle-free as possible.”