17 Sep

Expat Survey goes live!

How are things on the other side of the Channel, pond or even world? The Expat Survey, an independent research study on migration and expatriate life, has gone live on the internet and is asking expats from around the globe what life abroad is really like. Whether you moved overseas for a better quality of life or to pursue a career opportunity, share your opinions and experiences for your chance to win 1,000 pounds cash.

The Expat Survey asks about every expatriate experience, whether or not their expectations have been fulfilled, what expats miss about home and even enquires after advice and tips for others contemplating a move to a new continent.

The study is comprised of three sections. The Migration and Lifestyle survey is available now, Retail and Finance from 10th September, and Travel and Health will hit the web on 5th November. All surveys are sponsored by independent companies and will remain online until 31st December in order for the organisers to collect as many responses as possible.

It is hoped that the results will help hundreds of publishers and businesses around the world to provide better services for expatriates.

All those who participate in the survey will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win 1,000 pounds in cash.

More information and the current survey, please visit: theexpatsurvey.com.