We genuinely want to know what’s important to you. Whether your experiences have been good or bad, we really need you to share your views. We do NOT ask for your name, date of birth, address, postcode, landline or mobile number, when you complete the 3 questionnaires displayed on this website. Supplying your email address is optional, should you wish us to contact you to engage in further research and be entered into our prize draw. We do not share or sell data to third parties and we are independent with no links to governments, so we do hope you will feel free to join in. Below is a short summary of what each survey is about.

Migration & Lifestyle

From where to where, why and when and now resident in your chosen community have you found it easy to integrate, what do you like or dislike about your adopted home, has life changed considerably and how do you stay in touch with family, friends and the outside world?

Retail & Finance

Whether you are working on not, what are your important considerations when it comes to personal or household expenditure, banking and investments; and what information resources do you now tend to turn to when making these decisions and future fiscal planning?

Travel & Health

Has your move to a warmer or colder climate changed your perspective of the world and the places and people you choose to visit; and what modes of transport do you use to get there? Do you enjoy a better diet and benefit from improved health and if you have had cause to call upon your local medical services were they sufficient?
Zooming in on past highlights and examining emerging trends and points of interest, topics in our current programme include:

Education and the next generation
Lifestyle and interests
Technology and online engagement
Money Matters and attitudes to investments
Fashion, luxury and leisure
Travel and adventure
Mental, physical and spiritual health