5 Dec

How is your life abroad?

The 2014 Expat Survey aims to compile fresh information about global migration and lifestyle

A global research programme mapping the movements and habits of citizens who have made a new life in a different country is once again calling for the collaboration of expatriates around the world.

In the 2013 Expat Survey, which studied the views and lifestyles of citizens of a wide range of nationalities resident in countries all over the world, 80 per cent of respondents said that they enjoyed better quality of life in their adopted home. Nearly as many (72%) agreed that climate and scenery were better than back home, while work/life balance, personal security, health services and friendliness of the people were also among the factors considered as better in their new homes by the majority of expatriates.

The residents surveyed, however, were less enthusiastic about salaries and political stability.

The largest number of expatriates who answered the 2013 survey lived in Spain followed by residents in France and Holland.

When asked about reasons for moving abroad, the search for a better lifestyle was rated more highly than the climate. On average the expatriates who answered the survey had lived in their current country of residence for nine years, while 13 per cent said they had settled in their new home more than 20 years ago.

This year the Expat Survey programme continues its work to obtain updated information about the views and lifestyles of people who have chosen to live in another country.

The Migration and Lifestyle questionnaire can now be filled in online while the Retail and Finance and Travel and Health sections will be available soon.

Expatriates who complete all three questionnaires will be entered into a draw for a cash prize.

Visit www.theexpatsurvey.com for more information.