23 Oct

Is ­­the grass really greener on ­the other side?

Expatriates of any nationality worldwide are being asked to take part in “The Expat Survey” with the enticement that those who complete all three parts will automatically enter a draw for a prize of GBP 1,000.

The three sections are “Migration & Lifestyle”, which is available now at www.theexpatsurvey.com, “Retail & Finance”, which was beginning this week, and “Travel & Health”, starting on 5 November. All three will remain live until 31 December.

There are the usual questions requiring ticking of boxes but the research study breaks from convention by inquiring about people’s experiences, whether their expectations have been fulfilled, what they miss about home and what tips and advice they have for others contemplating a move to a new country.
“The Expat Survey” is being conducted by i-World Research, an independent research company, and they say it is the largest and most comprehensive global study ever undertaken into migration and expatriate life. Led by an ex-head of research for BBC World and ex-research director for global advertising group Saatchi & Saatchi, it claims not to share any information with third parties and has no links to governments.

It is entirely independent and promoted, but not sponsored, by almost 100 publishers and reputable companies servicing expatriates around the world.