17 Oct

Largest Independent Global Expat Study Launches

The folks who did the largest independent global expat study in the world last year just launched their 2014 survey, and it promises to be bigger and better with even more information you can use to help plan your adventure abroad.

The i-World Research Expat Survey 2014 is the largest independent global expat study of those living outside their country of origin.

In the inaugural 2013 study, i-World surveyed just under 8,000 expats from 125 countries and 89 nationalities for their opinions and attitudes on a variety of topics included in the 152-question study. The overall survey included separate studies on Migration & Lifestyle, Retail & Finance and Travel & Health.

We reported the findings in our article, “Global Survey Discovers New American Expat Generation” and published the edited video interview on our YouTube channel, MYIAchannel.

Emma Wood, i-World’s project director, is back at it again. “Our 2013 study gave us more than 60,000 pages of data to pour through based on the open-ended questions we asked,” she says. “About 60 percent of the respondents were women and a broad range of the expat population from all over the world was represented.”

Findings from the 2013 study show that 80 percent of expats confirm they have an improved quality of life where they now live, 72 percent say they enjoy a better climate and scenery, 67 percent feel they have an enhanced work/life balance and 63 percent believe they have a greater sense of security.

Wood wants even more expats to join in the fun this year. “We have no links to governments and no personal details are shared,” she assures. “Feel welcome to engage, express your views and share your adventures and experiences.”

If you’re an expat or soon will be, you can visit the Expat Survey 2014 website to share your views. To qualify, you must have lived outside of your homeland on a temporary or permanent basis for at least six months before taking the survey.

If you participate in all three surveys, you’re automatically entered into a series of prize drawings for US$1,600 in cash, Amazon vouchers and Lebara SIM cards.