9 Oct

Massive new independent expat survey now live online

The world’s largest survey of everything to do with expats and their experiences has finally been launched online, and is aimed at expatriates across the world, whatever their nationality.

Whether respondents decided to make the biggest move of their lives for reasons of work, for retirement, for quality of life or simply out of a change of scenery, the Expats Survey wants to hear all about it. The topics are wider than in most studies, and the presentation of the questions isn’t just a box-ticking exercise, as respondents are allowed to give their opinions on many questions in their own words.

Questions asked are about expectations and their fulfillment or otherwise, what expats most miss about their home countries and other unconventional requests. It also requests permission to ask more at a later date on tips and guidance for migrants heading for their new continents.

Of course, the results of the survey, due out some time in 2014, will be of help to commercial companies serving all aspects of expat living, but the authors are also hoping it can be used to help those living overseas in more mundane matters. As a result, the questions are aimed in a different way than in the annual surveys conducted by international banks.

The survey, conducted by i–World Research, is the most comprehensive and largest global research study ever undertaken on the growing phenomenon of emigration. It’s being led by the ex-BBC World director and Saatchi & Saatchi’s former research director, has no links to any government organisation anywhere and will not share information with third parties.

The first section, Migration and Lifestyle, was released 15 July, and will be followed by Retail and Finance on 10 September and Travel and Health on 5 November. All three section will be live until 31 December, giving as many expats as possible a chance to make their views known.