The Lebara Group was founded in 2001 by Leon R. Ranjith, Baskaran Kandiah and Ratheesan Yoganathan. They shared a vision to shake up the international calling market. At Lebara, we are driven by a purpose – to care for the migrant community globally. We strive to achieve this through a mindset of collaboration and innovation. We bring happiness to the lives of migrant communities all over the world by making their lives easier. Now over a decade old, Lebara is one of Europe’s fastest growing mobile companies with four million active customers, 1,000 employees worldwide and operations in eight countries.


A selection of products and services that enhance the lives of migrant communities

We at Lebara are committed to meeting the needs of our migrant communities at every step of their journey: from planning, to arrival, to living, within their new home. In any part of the world, wherever they should choose to settle. We offer low cost pre-paid mobile services direct from your mobile, Lebara MasterCard and money transfer services.


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