2 Apr

Participate to the Expat survey and win great prizes

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The expat survey is the world’s largest independent annual research study of those living outside their country of origin! This is a comprehensive programme that covers every facet of expat life – health to politics, online spending habits to the media engagement which enables expats to stay in contact with ‘home’; and the news content they track around the world.

The Expat Survey conducts in-depth research that aims to paint a more accurate and textured picture of a constantly changing landscape and they are calling for your participation!

How to quickly help with the survey

Expat Survey Banner3.2% of the world’s population (232 million people living outside of their nation of origin) can be considered expatriates, but how much do we really know about this quarter billion? Immigrant or expat, tax exile or asylum seeker, estimations vary wildly and the knowledge of a population of almost a quarter of a billion has proven shallow. That’s why The Expat Survey needs YOU to help the research, by completing their 3-part research programme.

Click HERE to complete all 3 parts of the research programme.

It welcomes participation from any nationality in any country.

Win great prizes!

To thank you for taking part of the survey, you will get the chance of winning a £2000 cash prize, multiple amazon vouchers, sim cards values…etc.

‘We have received more than 14,000 responses so far, but need this number to climb by getting as many expatriates as possible to engage in this year’s project. We welcome any nationality from any country and your involvement can make a valuable contribution to others in real terms so we urge you to get involved’.

Vote for EasyExpat.com as BEST expat website!

At the end of the Migration & Lifestyle questionnaire voting is open for the BEST Website (question 71). Don’t forget to put EasyExpat.com as your BEST expat website:

71. BEST Expat Website, my nomination is….


If you live away from your homeland, your opinions can make a valuable contribution to the lives of other expatriates around the world, so please join in today to have your say (and vote for EasyExpat.com… and win prizes!)!

Rest assured your information remains confidential. The Expat survey will only analyse the findings to help companies better engage with their audience.

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