4 Oct

The expat survey 2013

Enter the world’s largest expat survey for your chance to WIN £1,000 cash. The first survey has now gone live!

“Calling all expatriates of any nationality! Have you moved overseas for a better quality of life for your family, to pursue a career opportunity or simply for a change of scenery to the place you always adored? If you have then we really want to hear from you and this is the opportunity to make sure your voice is heard. ”

The Expat Survey programme is an independent international research study. The Survey is being conducted as an annual rolling programme across all nationalities of expatriates and comprises three questionnaires:

Migration & Lifestyle – live Now
Retail & Finance – launch 10th September 2013
Travel & Health – launch 5th November 2013

They would value your opinion on these topics and more, so please share your experience today and enter their free prize draw. Rest assured your information remains confidential, for further details you can read their privacy policy.

The expat survey 2013

‘The Expat Survey’ is the largest independent research study ever undertaken on migration and expatriate life. Led by the ex-head of research for BBC World, it does not share any information with third parties and has no links to Governments whatsoever. It is entirely independent and promoted, but not sponsored, by almost 100 publishers and reputable companies servicing expatriates around the world, such as the international accountancy firm Chantrey Vellacott DFK and the specialist expatriate insurance company Clements Worldwide.

Whilst the main thrust of each survey lasts 8 weeks, all surveys will remain live until 31st December 2013 so that a continual collection of responses takes place.