16 Jan

The Expat Survey – Is An Expat’s Grass Greener?

iWorld Research has announced a third category in its expat survey, a survey they believe will answer the question, ‘Is the grass greener on the other side?’.

The ‘other side’ they are referring to is the place thousands of people move to when they take the leap to go overseas – away from their home ‘side’ and onto the ‘greener’ expat one.

The Expat Survey launched last year with two parts: ‘Migration & Lifestyle’ and ‘Retail & Finance’ – they are now joined by ‘Travel & Health’.

All three surveys are live and open for expats to contribute to until the closing date of 31 January 2014. Click here to take part.

On completion of all three surveys expats will be entered into a £1,000 prize draw (or euros or dollars calculated on bank exchange rate as at the closing date of 31st January 2014) or they can opt to donate the prize to charity.