11 Sep

The Expat Survey: Take Part and Win

All expats all over the world are being urged to fill in the largest expat survey ever – and if you do you could win money!

A brand new company called i-World Research Ltd. has decided to reach out and target the expat market by surveying them to within an inch of their lives!  They have launched The Expat Survey, which is being billed as “the biggest ever expat opinion poll” by The Telegraph.

The company behind the survey wants to reach out and connect with more expats than any other survey has, ever.  In fact, it’s hoped that 10,000 plus expats will find the time to fill it in.  Surveys can be very valuable to publications like ours in informing other expats and would-be expats about life abroad.  However, the trouble with surveys is, who has time to fill them in!

When it comes to this particular survey though, there is an incentive to complete it.  If you can find the time to fill in three lengthy sections, giving your opinions on subjects as diverse as migration and lifestyle, retail and finance as well as travel and health, you will be entered into a prize draw for £1,000 which you can either spend and enjoy, or give to a UK charity.

We’re interested in reading the findings when they are expected to be published in 2014, but we’re also a tad concerned that the survey is so long that many expats just won’t have time to sit and fill it in.  Those who are bored at work and have access to the internet may well be prepared to sit and tick many boxes…but others may prefer to dip in and out when they have 2 minutes free.

To that end we suggest that the IT brains behind The Expat Survey make it possible to save your answers so far…just a thought!

If you want to take part you could win, as stated: but perhaps even more of an incentive is that you can share your hard learned and earned tips and experiences with others.

How many of us have learned the realities of expat life the hard way – i.e., by falling foul of hurdles and pitfalls that could perhaps have been avoided if we’d had access to the advice of other expats.

The Expat Survey will not only be able to hopefully inform others, but of course it will inform the many, many companies which market and sell to expats.

Because expats aren’t really a true demographic as such – after all, what has a retired British expat living in Cyprus got in common with a French expat family relocated to South America – it can be hard for companies targeting expats to communicate with them effectively.

The collaborative partners behind The Expat Survey are companies like accountancy firm Chantrey Vellacott DFK, international insurers Clements Worldwide, and removal firm Bishop’s Move.  Such names could of course benefit hugely from knowing so much more about their potential clients.

But those who have come up with the idea for The Expat Survey are keen to state in a press release that the survey: “does not share any information with third parties and has no links to governments whatsoever. It is entirely independent and promoted, but not sponsored, by almost 100 publishers and reputable companies servicing expatriates around the world…”

Even so, we think the findings could be exceptionally valuable and powerful to so many diverse companies, groups and publications.

We wish the founders of the survey good luck with promoting it – and if you want to take part head over to The Expat Survey.