11 Nov

Vote for us – About The Awards (TESCA) – About The Expat Survey

As part of The Expat Survey 2014, the Expat Survey Consumer Awards have just been launched and voting for the Best Expat Website has opened!

AngloINFO needs your votes!

Not only do we work tirelessly to bring you relevant, accurate and up-to-date information on all aspects of expat life, but a big part of what AngloINFO does is down to you, our loyal members. Without you there would be no friendly discussion forums or thriving classifieds. So if you like what we do, and like being part of our community, we’d really appreciate your vote!

To vote for us, all you need to do is fill in The Expat Survey’s Migration & Lifestyle questionnaire. At the end of the survey, you can nominate AngloINFO as the Best Expat Website and give your reasons why you think we deserve to win the award.

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About the Expat Survey Consumer Awards

Servicing those outside their country of origin is often complex and requires a lot of dedication. Producing a daily, weekly or monthly publication or delivering good quality customer care to somebody on the other side of the world is challenging and requires a lot of commitment. Importantly, the information they supply or the care they provide can be essential in the day-to-day lives of those living outside their country of origin.    

The Expat Survey Consumer Awards have been launched to give expatriates the opportunity to nominate and commend the work of media owners and service providers that do an amazing job of adding value to the lives of expatriates, no matter who they are or where they are, so please make your nominations and recommendations known.

About The Expat Survey 2014

In a world of rapid change amidst globalisation, volatile economies and the tech revolution, with the diversification and consolidation of businesses resulting in employment instability and mounting stress, as well as conflict over natural resources and power struggles displacing native populations; many have moved abroad in the belief that the grass is greener on the other side, but is it?

The aim of the project is to establish the answer to this question and more, to understand migratory patterns and causes; and gain a true understanding of expatriate life across all nationalities and territories…

The Expat Survey programme has been launched to gain a much better insight into the needs of those living outside their country of origin and to specifically understand what is relevant and helpful to expatriates within each country, and what isn’t. Whilst there are questions that simply require tick boxes to be completed, the programme breaks away from convention and asks optional questions about your relocation experience, whether or not expectations have been fulfilled, what expats miss about home, and requests tips and advice for others contemplating a move to a new continent.