3 Nov

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Servicing those outside their country of origin is often complex and requires a lot of dedication. Producing a daily, weekly or monthly publication or delivering good quality customer care to somebody on the other side of the world, is challenging and requires a lot of commitment. Importantly the information they supply or the care they provide, can be essential in the day to day lives of those living outside their country of origin.

The Expat Survey Consumer Awards have been launched to give expatriates the opportunity to nominate and commend the work of media owners and service providers that do an amazing job of adding value to the lives of expatriates, no matter who they are or where they are, so please make your
nominations and recommendations known.

Voting is now open for the following awards:

Best Expat Blog
 Best Expat Radio
 Best Expat Newsletter
 Best Expat Magazine – Please vote for Global Living Magazine!
 Best Expat Website
 Best Expat Newspaper

TO VOTE: Simply complete your nominations and explain why you value them at the end of the Migration & Lifestyle survey at The Expat Survey.  

The Expat Survey Consumer Awards are not governed by a Judges’ panel. Expatriates of any nationality residing in any country are welcome to nominate their favorite for each category and make their commendations. 

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Stay tuned for the upcoming Nov/Dec 2014 issue, available soon!