What are expats really thinking about Brexit?
9 May

What are expats really thinking about Brexit?

ROME — As the referendum on whether the United Kingdom will stay in the European Union fast approaches, The Expat Survey are discovering how British expats are feeling with the Big BreXpat Survey. The first results of the BreXpat survey have been released on the awareness and feelings surrounding the EU referendum in the UK that will be held on June 23, the survey itself can be found at www.theexpatsurvey.com and is open until May 31 to record the sentiments of any British citizen living overseas. The information gathered thus far has shown that 95 percent of those that have taken the survey are aware of their eligibility to vote, whilst 92 percent know that they lose their right to vote after 15 years and a still relatively high percentage of 83 are aware that it is possible to register to vote online. So far 61 percent of those surveyed have registered to vote, with the main reason for those that haven’t being the 15-year rule, making it 68 percent saying that will be voting in Brexit. Of that number 73 percent feel that they are equipped with enough knowledge to make an informed decision when voting. As tensions begin to run high in Britain, it’s no different for Brits living abroad with 72 percent saying they are concerned about the outcome of the referendum. In the meantime 44 percent say they feel anxious, 23 percent betrayed and 11 percent are angry. When directly asked whether or not they wished to remain in the EU, 68 percent said they would like to stay in, whilst 32 percent voted out. The top three scenarios for expats if Britain were to leave the EU were reported to be: 1. Take dual or solo nationality of the country where they are resident. 2. Sell all UK assets and investments held in the UK, and stop paying any tax in the UK system. 3. Reluctantly return to the UK if their financial position deteriorates as a result of the exit. The Big BreXpat Survey is due to close on May 31, at which point the results will be sent to the leaders of each political party, the Electoral Commission and the media. For those who wish to still have their say, the survey can be found at: https://www.research.net/r/Brexit2016. – See more at: http://www.italianinsider.it/?q=node/3860#sthash.u2GwLIKk.dpuf

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