Migrated to pastures new? Then our research team would welcome your views on a variety of topics about your life abroad!
the expat survey is the world’s largest independent annual
research study of those living outside their country of origin!
It welcomes participation from any nationality in any country If you live away from your homeland we really want to hear from you!
Your opinions can make a valuable contribution to the lives of other expatriates around the world, so please join in today to have your say!

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NEW- The Expat Survey Consumer Awards (TESCA)
Servicing those outside their country of origin is often complex and requires a lot of dedication. The Expat Survey Consumer Awards have been launched to give expatriates the opportunity to nominate and commend the work of media owners and service providers that do an amazing job of adding value to the lives of expatriates around the world.

Please share your journey, experiences and opinions on a variety of topics with us and then cast your votes.

At the end of the Migration & Lifestyle questionnaire voting is open for the BEST...

Expat Blog
Expat Radio
Expat Newsletter
Expat Magazine
Expat Website
Expat Newspaper

At the end of the Retail & Finance questionnaire voting is open for the BEST...

Expat Banking Service
Expat Money Mover
Expat Professional Advisor
Expat Online Retailer
Expat Niche Service Provider
Expat Relocation Specialist

At the end of the Travel & Health questionnaire voting survey is open for the BEST...

Expat Airline - long haul
Expat COMS product
Expat Insurance Provider
Expat Airline - short haul
Expat Travel Company
Expat International Educational Establishment