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Join thousands of expats around the world in our
2014 research programme. Launch date coming soon
Why did you make the big decision to relocate? Is life in your adopted home all that you expected? How do you now communicate with friends and family around the world? Has your attitude to life, products and services changed since your move overseas? Wherever you are from and have moved to in the world We really want to hear from you.
The Expat Survey programme is an independent international research study comprising three questionnaires:
Migration & Lifestyle 2014 - coming soon Retail & Finance 2014 - coming soon Travel & Health 2014 - coming soon

Zooming in on highlights from last year’s programme,
NEW FEATURES for 2014 include
Next Generation, Student Power, Career Movers,
Connect www (when, why and where on the worldwide web),
Tech Savvy, Fashion Followers, Hot Hobbies, Money Matters,
Global Investors, Luxury & Leisure, Travel Junkies and Mind, Body & Soul.

Please share your journey, experiences and opinions on a variety of topics with us.